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Article 5 – March 2021

How small businesses are thriving in a Covid world By Rhymer Rigby | The Guardian For many small- or medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), especially those who sell physical products, the pandemic has been a huge challenge. Many have had to shift online almost overnight and rethink who their customers are, how they reach them and how to make sales and distribution work. We spoke to three small-business entrepreneurs to ask them how they’ve managed the change and what they’ve learned over the last year. How have SMEs shifted online during the pandemic? Emma Sinclair, serial entrepreneur and co-founder of EnterpriseAlumni, says: “It’s been a case of go online or go out of business for almost everyone.” She adds that even SMEs…

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Article 4 – February 2021

5 solutions to your legacy technology transformation woes By Serenity Gibbons | Forbes Just because something works doesn't make it efficient or practical. Take an old gas-guzzler car. It may get you from point to point, but you're going to waste money and resources along the way. Legacy technology systems fit this metaphor well. They may work, but at what cost? Often, they're clunky and much slower than more modern digital solutions. Plus, they may not have the capacity to allow your team to scale and compete. The answer, of course,... is a digital transformation (DX). Unfortunately, it's an answer that doesn't always pan out. Around seven out of 10 companies that embark on the road to DX never make…

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Article 3 – Jan 2021

Digital transformation: New study shows how to grow your business in 2021 It's often said that change equals growth. But while that may be true, it doesn't take into account the fact that changing how we do something – and adapting to new technologies and systems – can be hard. If you own or run a company, where a change in process means tens or even hundreds of people learning a new way of working, just the thought of mixing it up can be extremely daunting. However, with new digital technologies making businesses... more efficient, more secure and more successful, it's hard to ignore the positives of digital transformation. Research this year by OneAffiniti took a closer look at how…

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Article 2 – December 2020

Why is my PC so slow? 7 ways to speed up a lagging computer By Dave Johnson | Business Insider If it seems like your PC is running more slowly than when it was new, it might not be your imagination. Computers really can slow down with age, but not because the hardware itself gets older or wears out – it's the software that bogs things down over time. Older computers can struggle to run newer programmes that are optimised for efficiency on more recent computer models.   How to speed up your slow PC While you can't magically make what's old new again, there are ways you can decrease the lag on your older desktop or laptop computer. Below…

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Article 1 – November 2020

The world is a better place because of these 5 tech trends The unknown can be scary, and as technology continues to rapidly evolve, it’s taking us into some uncharted territory. But it’s also improving the way we live, learn and impact our planet. From our health to our homes, here are five ways tech is shaping our world for the better. Impactful, personalised education In today’s diverse classrooms, teaching to the middle can do students a great disservice. It’s one reason personalised education is so important. To more effectively meet the needs of students with different backgrounds, cultures, interests and skills, teachers are leaning on technology to help refocus their energy and attention on what they do best. Teachers…

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