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Managed Secure Back Up & Recover Service
DRSProtect – Managed Back – Up & Recovery Service

DRSProtect is a fully managed off-site disaster recovery solution that uses the 3:2:1 strategy – three copies of your data in two locations, one location being offsite. Hosted in our state-of-the art Government Data Centre and managed 24×7. It is adaptable to Cloud, Physical or Virtual environments.

Effective Data Protection isn’t just about ensuring the privacy and integrity of your data but also the availability. Having an efficient, effective and reliable disaster recovery solution in place can achieve all these objectives. Traditional backup methods, such as tape or disk, are still widely used but these methods can be inefficient, unreliable, and time consuming to manage. DRSProtect is designed to make recovery easy and efficient.

Product Features

With DRSProtect you can choose the level of protection that your business needs.

  • Data is backed up both locally and Off-Site
  • DRSProtect is agile and can be adapted to virtually any environment
  • 24×7 Monitoring and Alerting
  • 24×7 Support and reporting via our Security Operations Centre

Keep 3 Copies

Keep 3 copies of any important file, 1 primary & 2 backups

In 2 Locations

Keep the files on 2 different media type to protect against different types of hazards

Store 1 Copy Offsite

One of those locations being offsite

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