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We provide our customers with a seamless experience, monitoring the network in the background, letting the client get on with what they do best, and not have to worry about IT issues.

We can install complete networks from the ground up for your business. As part of a new network we can run data cabling through an office in CAT5 or CAT6. In addition we will install switches, routers and firewalls to suit your requirements. We also install and support servers for a range of applications including Microsoft Exchange, internal data sharing and intranet sites.

Anytime downloads

Unlike many other internet providers our providers don’t split your download allowance between peak and off peak times periods. We give you 100% of your allowance to use whenever you choose to use it.

Flexible contract terms

Choose between a 12 month contract or go month to month with no lock in!

No excess quota charge

Rather than charge you for additional data downloads once you’ve hit your monthly allowance, we shape the speed of your service. That way you avoid any nasty bill surprises. And you can always upgrade your plan at any time or buy extra GB’s if you want.

Optimised for streaming

We optimise the performance of IPTV streaming services to ensure you get the best possible viewing experience.

Free public static IP address

We include a free static IP address with your broadband plan saving you up to $10 per month when compared to other providers.

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