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When it comes to network security adopting multiple techniques is required to have an effective protection of your network.
At O-Tech we like to start with doing an External and onsite audit of the network and identify any security holes, we will then put together a report of recommendations to make your network more secure. We use a combination of the following devices and techniques.

  • Managed antivirus solutions
  • Next Generation Firewalls
  • Spam Filters
  • Strong passwords
  • Security Reports

Managed Antivirus Solutions

O-Tech provides many types of antivirus solutions to suit different types of networks. We will tailor an affordable and robust solution to suit your network’s needs.


One of the most important parts of a networks security is the firewall. The firewall decides which traffic to let in and out of your network as well as scan the open ports for traffic coming in and out of the network.
Next generation firewalls provide more than just port blocking, they provide features such as:

• Gateway Antivirus – Scans for threats at the Firewall identifying and denying traffic that is seen to be dangerous.
• Spam filtering – Scans emails and attachments that are entering your network and decides whether to delete, allow or quarantine them based on its contents.
• Reputation enabled defence – blocks or allows website based on their reputation score on the internet.
• Intrusion prevention – Identify and block attempts to infiltrate the network by monitoring network traffic.
• Data Loss Prevention – Protects from a company’s sensitive data being leaked such a credit card information.
• APT Blocker – Advanced persistent threats are sophisticated malware threats that are designed to infiltrate a targeted business. APT blocker is designed to extract any traffic that is not recognised such as a Zero day virus and test it, based on the results it will allow the traffic through or deny it.

Spam Management

Provides protection against spam, malicious emails and emails that you simply just don’t want to receive.
O-Tech can provide a solution to suit your business needs.

Strong Passwords:

One of the main ways that a network is infiltrated is that user accounts do not have strong passwords on them this allows a hacker to be able to easily infiltrate a network.
O-Tech can provide policies and strategies for strong password use.

Security Reports:

O-Tech can provide security reports that can be sent to management which provides a brief executive summary to detailed network analysis of what sort of traffic is passing through your network and what threats are being stopped.

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